Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Plan

Psychological Disorders
It has always been been a passion to me; to know all I can about the human mind and the behavior that it produces. There are limitless boundaries of the human mind. Because of its complexity, there are unfortunately many things that can get mixed up, turned around, and spun upside-down. Maybe it’s a passion because I have experienced it firsthand. And I know that many other people have either experienced or are experiencing the same confusion and frustration that I myself faced. However, there is help. There is therapy. There is medicine. There are support groups. I want people to know that.
There is a misconception when it comes to many psychological disorders. People with these mental disorders are known to be “crazy,” “a threat to society,” “incapable,” or even “stalkers” or “serial killers.” Yes, some unfortunate events have been traced to roots of psychological disorders, however that percentage is itty bitty. Media often portrays people with mental disorders as violent and completely insane. Only a small portion of psychological disorders are diagnosed as severe, so therefore ,what society sees in psychological thrillers or shows like “Criminal Minds,” inaccurately portrays the majority of people suffering from these diseases. Don’t get me wrong, I love “Criminal Minds,” and I do think there is a lot to gain from the television series. However, consideration needs to be taken that the cases are purely fictional and the theme of the show is to be suspenseful.
This semester, I want to analyze psychological movies and “Criminal Minds” and evaluate how mental disorders are presented to society. In the process of this, I want to provide myself and others with current information and research that is accurate concerning psychological disorders.
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  1. what a great idea. like many things we are finding in the lab, the answers seem to lie in simply getting the word out. sharing info and insight that is to the best of our ability accurate and not blown out of proportion or dramatized. can't wait to see what you come up with and how you come up with it and what you do with it.

    i especially love that you posted this on facebook, Michelle, asking your peers for suggestions from the get go.

  2. I'm way into Criminal Minds. Interesting thoughts about how media portrays psychological disorders. Thinking of The Silence Of The Lambs phenomena as well (which I also enjoyed). You should definitely hook up with some area mental health agencies to get their take on this. Thinking of the number of people who suffer from depression, and then the range that extends from there. At what point do we go from thinking things are the norm to thinking things are crazy? Sounds like a great idea ... enjoy!